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WIPIN примет участие в Кантонской ярмарке в октябре, чтобы продемонстрировать свои инструменты для гидравлического оборудования.

Время: 2023-09-28

  The China Import and Export Fair will be held on October 15, 2023 at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, No. 382, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China. The exhibition period is from October 15 to October 19 In five days, WIPIN Company will participate in the Canton Fair and display its latest hydraulic tool products. These products will demonstrate our company's leading position and technical strength in the field of hydraulic tools.

  As one of the well-known hydraulic tool manufacturers in China, WIPIN Company has been focusing on the development and production of high-quality, high-performance portable emergency rescue hydraulic equipment and tools. At this Canton Fair, Weiping Company will display various types of hydraulic chain saws, hydraulic power stations, hydraulic breaker picks, hydraulic pumps and other commonly used hydraulic tools. It will also launch some new products, such as 40-horsepower hydraulic power units. These new products have been greatly improved in terms of performance and quality, and can meet users' needs for high-efficiency, high-precision tools. In addition, Weiping Company has also made innovations in product design, making the products more user-friendly and easy to operate.

  WIPIN Company stated that participating in the Canton Fair is a good opportunity to showcase its strength and product advantages to the world. It is also an important platform for communication and cooperation with international buyers. The company will continue to increase its research and development efforts, continuously improve product quality and technical level, and provide better services and support to users.

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