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-Можно использовать робота аварийного водоснабжения и дренажа.

Время: 2023-11-16

    Weiping's emergency water supply and drainage robot can effectively solve the problem of water inflow and drainage in underground facilities after urban rainstorms. It also optimizes hardware design and configures rescue equipment based on the working conditions of subway tunnels, basements and other operating scenarios.


    This machine is not only suitable for general pumping and drainage environments, but is also particularly suitable for special fields such as urban waterlogging, underground garage drainage, highway tunnels, subways, underground passage drainage, earthquake disasters, collapse rescue and demolition, etc. It is also suitable for agricultural drought water supply, flood control emergency drainage and rescue, earthquake disasters, mudslides, collapses and other rescue and demolition fields.

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▶Product specifications

Масса машины1800KG
Скорость движения5&10km/h
Водоизмещение1100m³ / ч


  • Fully hydraulic intelligent control, crawler walking; water pumps, hydraulic tools and auxiliary mechanisms are all driven by hydraulics, without the risk of electric shock.

  • The water pump is designed with a multi-layer filtration device, which has strong slag resistance and effectively prevents the water pump from clogging. It can be used

     in various complex environments.

  • Can drive various portable emergency rescue hydraulic tools, and can meet the simultaneous operation of multiple hydraulic tools.

  • Wired + wireless remote control, wireless remote control radius is 300m.

  • The crawler tracks can travel through water and can work normally when immersed in water for a long time.

  • With its own lighting system, it can meet the needs of emergency rescue in night environment.

  • Large displacement and high lift.

  •  Multiple robots can be used for water supply operations in series.

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